About The Old Brick House
The Old Brick House was erected in the year 1780 by John Price, local merchant and ferry boat operator between Ste. Genevieve and Kaskaskia. It is the oldest brick building west of the Mississippi River. Tradition has it that the bricks were brought from France in boats as ballast. The bricks at one time were plastered, and this is still evident today, even after the removal of several coats of paint.

From and old deed (1804-1809) now in possession of the present owners, it was known that John Price accrued an indebtedness of $1,200 and the building was sold to Joseph Pratte for $1,100 to satisfy said debt The sale, conducted by Sheriff Henry Dodge, was the first "Sheriffs Sale" held west of the Mississippi. The building was also the site of the first Territorial Court in the District

A duel took place on the steps of the building in 1816, while it served at the territorial courthouse, between William McArthur and Auguste DeMun.  DeMun, a native of France and son of one of the founders of New Bourbon, fell mortally wounded. He expired shortly thereafter and was buried in the Old Catholic graveyard on August 28, 1816.

In the book "Sainte Genevieve", written by FJ. Yealy, SJ. (one of the town's illustrious sons), we find this passage: "Between the years 1824 and 1842 school classes were held in the brick house at Third and Market Streets, built by John Price."

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Old Brick House 90 S. 3rd St. Ste. Genevieve, MO (573) 883-2724 CLICK HERE FOR MAP & DIRECTIONS